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Why we built it

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Our two main drivers for creating Sintel Forms were:

  1. InfoPath is an unwieldy application (in our opinion).
  2. Other Forms products lack functionality or are ridiculously expensive (also in our opinion).

Sintel Forms Studio addresses these quite easily by providing a great user experience at a fraction of the cost of other products.

Over the years Sintel has built hundreds of forms for our clients using a combination of methods such as:

      • InfoPath
      • Access
      • Excel
      • SharePoint Designer
      • Visual Studio
      • Third party products such as Nintex

We have always found that a form is never really just a form but in reality it generally includes some associated business process and some level of security and reporting. InfoPath was the most common tool for building SharePoint forms but to be frank we hated it. It required a significant amount of knowledge and experience to use correctly and it lacked some basic features including:

  1. Form versioning
  2. Form workflow
  3. Commenting mechanism
  4. Linked data (parent child relationships using lists in SharePoint)

When Microsoft announced that there would be no new releases of InfoPath we decided it was time for something better and began the process of developing our own product, Sintel Forms Studio.

The product has been designed from the ground up with the end user in mind. We have used it in our project work for 2 years and it is regularly updated with new functionality using the feedback we receive from our clients.

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