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Big fan of Sintel forms. Gone (thankfully) are the days of InfoPath and today Microsoft is giving us (too much/too complex and now too expensive) power in PowerApps and (over) simplicity with Microsoft Forms.

Right in the middle, within reach of the business and its team owners is Sintel Forms providing a rich, SharePoint list powered customization platform (with templates for common scenarios to boot) that allows for creation of rich forms with validation, automation and more.

Further, the ability to publish these forms for outside in data input scenarios (for example, put a form on a website retrieving information from the public and then consume and manage that data inside your business within a SharePoint list).

Sean Wallbridge

BC, Canada, (Regroove)

Just what the doctor ordered!
Sintel Forms does exactly what it says and more! This is a must have for any SharePoint implementation. Super simple to use and highly flexible. Easy for standard business users to use on their own, but also powerful enough for developers to extend and create custom applications. Sintel support has been great as well. Installation and communication has been perfect.
Thanks again!

Bret Lipscomb

Collierville, US, (MCR Safety)

I’ve been using Sintel forms now for a number of years and it adds amazing functionality to Sharepoint. I’ve designed forms, lists and site pages for a 100+ dept in a large multinational pharmaceutical company.
We rely on the benefits it brings -daily. It is my go to tool for Sharepoint- every time. Customization, email notifications, workflows to name a few all add functionality to Sharepoint that we could not do without.

Sintel as customer support have always been prompt, professional and at hand to help – often going above and beyond and at short notice. Sintel forms simply brings sharepoint to life, enabling end users and admins to do more than any other forms product available.

Sintel also continue to listen to feed back – develop and refine I can’t recommend this enough. 5 Star Rating.

Will Cantwell

Cork, Ireland, (Janssen Sciences Ireland)

Compared to other frameworks I have used, Sintel forms is so intuitive and a pleasure to work with. Pros: -User interface is slick and modern looking -Having a WYSIWYG editor for form creation is powerful. -The workflow alone actually won me over, It’s so intuitive. -Having an separate actions menu for the workflow makes so much sense and hugely improves our product. -To be able to save, no matter what state you are in is also invaluable. -The ability to use JavaScript (even SP API calls) is a real winner! There are some disappointments and suggestions however, -There is no ability to do modal forms with child lists, something which I would have expected -I would have liked to further customize the layout particularly the color of the fields (as an example when they are read only) -The Logic section can get very busy quickly when you have a lot of rules. would be useful to have some way to manage this perhaps using sections or collapse option

Gareth Rouch

Carlisle, UK, (ОМ International)

Great replacement for InfoPath forms. I was searching for a forms creator replacement for our new SharePoint environment, and came across Sintel thru an article I was reading, and I’m so glad I did. Their software is VERY simple to use especially for a non-coder like myself, and I was able to create all new forms to replace our antiquated InfoPath forms library. Our user community loves the new forms. I had a couple of issues with the forms creator and their support team was amazing. They worked with me until they created fixes on the fly to resolve ALL my problems. If you are looking to replace your old InfoPath forms and worry about coding, GET THIS APP!!! It will save you countless hours in forms creation, and it was a lot of fun using the software. I HIGHLY recommend Sintel!!! You will not be disappointed!!

Darryl Shaw

New York, USA, (Columbia University)

Great product, even better service!! Sintel Forms is a fantastic product that replaces InfoPath clunkiness and complexities in superb fashion. No client-side software required, intuitive UI, robust workflow engine, and highly configurable logic.

Support is excellent and responsive! Prompt and professional. I highly recommend this product. Keep up the good work Sintel team!

Kasy Moon

New York, USA, (Silverstein Properties)

I have used InfoPath for the past decade and found it invaluable to many business processes. Sintel Forms is now my preferred Form creation tool with it’s WYSIWYG and responsive design. The support has been brilliant and generally within 24hours – I have needed a few JavaScript statements to achieve a few tasks – Sintel came through with the solution quickly. A couple of things I would like to see is the ability to read in Calculated Columns from a SharePoint list. Also it would be nice to be able to insert buttons (next/back) to go to different pages in the form. Currently there are no pages/views or buttons. Other than that It saves a lot of time. Excellent!!!

David G. Fitzsimons

Newton Abbot, UK, (Midas Group Ltd)

This is a great app with the tools included to make it much easier to use. Much easier and quicker than the native Power Apps in Sharepoint. It would have taken me weeks to do what I did in a day with Sintel.

David Dillon

Perth, Australia, (Outotec)

Standard SharePoint forms leave something to be desired, especially when it comes to building in logic and customizing the layout. One of my acid tests for any form-building product is to see how it handles parent-child data (for example invoice and invoice line items). Once SharePoint lists are setup, you can configure and deploy a form, with logic and basic workflow in only a few minutes. Parent and child data is handled with ease (but only one level deep).

One the most awesome features of Sintel is the ability to inject whichever custom JavaScript you want into the Sintel form – so if the Sintel form doesn’t do it out of the box, it is fairly straightforward to add it in yourself.

I contacted Sintel a few times with what I considered to be bugs, or to request features – and all were sorted out within a few days. Sintel is a great product to produce SharePoint forms with a bit of complexity to them.

Michael Klopper

Johannesburg, South Africa, (Bzerotech)

A powerful tool to model business processes. Visually stunning product. Used with Sharepoint Workflows, MS Flow (Power Automate), and unique built-in logic, enables to produce quite sophisticated and intelligent solutions without getting into coding. New features are added every month.

Grzegorz Kubaszewski

PM Group, Poland, (PM Group)

Great SharePoint app. We use a Sintel forms extensively, we found the the form customisation to be simple and intuitive and where we weren’t able to work it out the support offered was fantastic, friendly and efficient.

Ed Walters

London, UK, (Laxey Partners)

Provides value where other products have fallen short. I work at a technology consulting firm, and where other forms have not been robust enough for our needs, we built custom forms from scratch because the trusted tools out there with the capability we needed had very dated UIs or controls that were made to be intuitive for power users, but frustrating for developers. Sintel Forms has saved us time and resources as any of our consultants can configure forms in it – and even with the cost of the tool, it’s saved our clients money in the time we would have previously spent. We’ve really enjoyed the experience of using Sintel Forms and we love that the data can be hosted wherever we choose. Definitely give it a try and reach out to the team if you have questions or issues – it’s a smaller company and we’ve found the support to be really personable!

Karin Skapski

BC, Canada, (CDW Canada)

I’ve been trying to find a forms tool replacement for InfoPath and Sintel is the best I’ve found. The forms functionality meets our business requirements and they are still adding MORE FEATURES! I like how they have a flat fee subscription for unlimited forms and workflow and I am impressed mostly with their customer service! Not only that they know their stuff but they are also VERY RESPONSIVE regardless of the time difference (US and Ireland). Keep up the good work Sintel team!!!!!

Rhoda Murphy

Virginia, USA, (ECS Tech)

I am very much satisified with the customer service provided from all the professionals that assisted me with the issue. I felt like a very special customer and the professionalism exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much!

Luis Lisbey

Belize City, Belize, (Prudential Management Firm)

An extremely useful and efficient app. Key positives include: it does not require any client side software installation; it can be configured for new or existing SharePoint lists and is extremely quick; no knowledge of coding is required; great back-up support. Highly recommend.

Gareth Heagney

Galway, Ireland, (Sixmilebridge N.S)

Product works great. I had a lot of questions about how to do specific things in the form designer when I first started using it and their support was always quick to answer with the correct information and very friendly over the phone. I highly recommend this product for any sort of form you might need at your place of business.

Brandon Gorrill

Idaho, USA, (Intermaxteam)

Great app, very easy to use and intuitive plus great support.

Shamiso Mudavanhu

Midrand, South Africa, (Intervate)

The MUST HAVE SharePoint App. For years we have been dealt various solutions whether that be in-house InfoPath forms or some shoddy third party solution. Thanks to Sintel™ we can finally breath! Key Features that help our company: 1. Easy to teach to a business support department 2. Low IT Overhead needed for configuration 3. Templates make it easy to brand the forms 4. Workflow settings make approval processes incredibly easy 5. Easy to understand logic for smooth and eloquent forms We were using a competitor before however quickly turned to Sintel when we studied the product and found how easy it was to set up an approval process.

Aaron Barlow

Virginia, USA, (Brown Distributing Company, Inc)

I actually purchased this for our company to use for replacing workflows and InfoPath forms that were over designed and were not worth the overly complex design. We worked with Sintel and they were superb. They answered questions and truly are supportive and bring out new editions and added services and value. For Anyone wanting to remove the pain of an InfoPath form check them out.

Rob Porter

Florida, US, (Availity)

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