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  Mar 2022 (5 items)

Grid Component – New delete confirmation modal

When deleting a list item via the grid component a new confirmation modal is shown to confirm the deletion.


Filter Component Settings – show only data sources that are used on a dashboard

All of the filter components have the DataSource property and previously all of the data sources were listed. With this update, only those data sources which are assigned to at least one component are listed.


Grid – show dates based on the site regional setting

All the dates shown on the grid control now inherit the regional settings of the site in which the grid control is used. The only exception to this is when a user overrides those settings with personal time settings.


New Default theme options

We have added a number of default themes to enable customers to quickly change the branding applied to apps built with Sintel BI.


Accumulation charts – change the default size of the component

Previously when adding the accumulation chart to a dashboard, it displayed as 4×4 by default, we have changed this default size to 8×8.

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