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April 2024 (5 items) – 98 total

Dashboard Webpart – Improved Load Time Optimisation
To enhance user experience, efforts have been made to fasten the load time of Dashboard Webparts. Users should notice improved performance when accessing dashboards.

Grid – Alternating Row Color
A new option has been introduced for grids, allowing users to display alternating row background colours for improved readability. This feature offers a visual distinction between rows, enhancing data comprehension within grids.

How to use this feature:

  1. Edit or create a dashboard.
  2. Add a grid component.
  3. Select a data source to present data from.
  4. While the grid is selected, open the Properties tab.
  5. Find the ‘Alternate row colouring’ option at the bottom of the Basic settings section.

Gauge Component – Dynamic Visualisation Enhancement
Introducing a Gauge Component, this feature supports both static and dynamic configurations for Min, Max, and Target values. Additionally, the gauge’s colour dynamically changes based on the target and current values, providing intuitive visual cues for data interpretation.

How to use this component:

  1. Edit or create a dashboard.
  2. Add the Gauge component from the Charts section.
  3. Assign a data source and set the Value field.
  4. Customize Min, Max, and Target values.
  5. Utilise the Visual Settings sidebar to adjust presentation details.

Dashboard Viewer – List Subscribers Notification Integration
Users can now opt to receive notifications about changes in underlying data sources within dashboards. Leveraging list observers for each connected data source, this feature displays toast messages upon list modifications. Users have the flexibility to enable or disable this feature via dashboard properties.

Data Source – Document Library Name Field Filtering
Addressing a limitation, users can now filter document library data sources by name field. This enhancement provides greater flexibility in data management by allowing filtering based on the FileLeafRef field, enabling more precise data retrieval and analysis.

March 2023 (6 items) 93 total

Grid – Enhanced Search Functionality
Users can now opt for real-time search within grids by typing, rather than waiting for hitting enter. A configurable setting at the grid level enables automatic search upon typing, with a minimum text length requirement of 3 characters.

Smart Card – Expanded Font Options and Code Editing
In response to user feedback, additional font sizes have been incorporated within the Text’s RTE control of the Smart Card. Additionally, a code editing feature has been introduced, accessible via the last button within RTE’s ribbon.

Summary Card – Target Indicator Feature
A new enhancement allows users to designate a specific field as a target indicator within Summary Cards. Depending on the selected target, the component dynamically presents either a chevron up, chevron down, or a tick. Advanced options are accessible within the Visual Settings panel (Summary Card -> Assign Data -> Toolbar -> Visual Settings).

Custom Dynamic Columns Support
The system now supports custom dynamic columns created within a data source. These columns offer diverse output types and are defined using JavaScript code, providing users with enhanced flexibility in data manipulation.

Dashboard Designer – Data Limit Control
Users can now toggle data limit functionality while editing dashboards. By default, the top 20 items are fetched to optimise performance. A switch control located in the top right corner of the dashboard allows users to disable this feature, ensuring the complete dataset is presented.

Dashboard Permissions Enhancement
Within Settings->Navigation, when configuring permissions for a dashboard, clarity has been improved. The tooltip now features legible text and the red hierarchy icon appears appropriately, indicating when permissions may differ between the dashboard and its associated navigation item. Additionally, the dashboard screen now displays an unlocked icon for public dashboards and a user icon with relevant tooltips showcasing permissions when direct access is granted.

Oct 2023 (2 items) (ver 1.6.26)

Data Sources added support for file icon and file size for Document Libraries
We updated the data source functionality to add support for displaying file icons, file size.

Data Sources added support for ignoring folders for Document Libraries
You can now display a flat list of all files in a document library without their folders.

Sep 2023 (7 items) (ver 1.6.24)

Kanban added support for users’ avatar
If an item is assigned to a user then we display that user’s avatar in the swimlane header, the tile’s title, and the tile’s summary.

Kanban support for Yes/No columns
The Kanban now supports the SharePoint Yes/No field type.

New rounder dashboard layout
Users can now choose a new Dashboard Viewer Mode called “Lucid” which changes the components on a dashboard to use rounded corners rather than the square edges that appear in the default viewer mode.

Navigation – Support for grouping
Users can now add links to the left navigation and group them under headings.

Navigation – Text layout update
We have improved the left navigation to add more padding between the menu options and now support up to three lines of text for each menu item.

Dark and Light mode
We have added dark and light themes to give customers even more options when designing their apps.

Syncfusion updates
We have updated the version of Syncfusion in use in Sintel BI to take advantage of the latest updates.


Aug 2023 (8 items) (ver 1.6.18)

Kaban Board Updates
We released a host of updates to our kanban control including:

  1. Show/hide items count – Users can choose to display or not display the count of items in a column.
  2. Custom Column sorting – users can now define which values should appear first (i.e. draft, approved, in progress, completed).
  3. Swimlane support – users can now configure the display of swimlanes.
  4. Hide empty columns – users can now choose to display or not display empty columns.
  5. Show link to an item – when enabled an icon will appear in the top right corner permitting a user to view the item.

Update to the icon picker
We updated Sintel BI to use the latest version of FontAwesome and take advantage of the latest icons.

Security trimming to the dropdown filter
You can now apply security to values in a dropdown filter to grant specific groups access to specific values or define 1 or more groups that should have access to all filters.

SQl data source improvements
We added a tooltip with a sample SQL connection string to make it easier to evaluate the SQL data source option.

Jul 2023 (2 items) (ver 1.6.5)

Kaban Board
We have added a new component called a kaban board. This provides a visual system for teams to manage project tasks, workflows and communications. A simple example of a Kaban Board is a board with 3 columns ‘To do’, ‘Doing’ and ‘Done’.

Updates to the Scheduler component
Categories are now supported on our scheduler component

Jun 2023 (6 items) (ver 1.6.0)

Left navigation menu updated
When the app is installed, there is by default a heading within a navigation called Admin with links to Site Contents, Site Settings and Site Permissions. This is visible to admins only.

Web parts
You can now use Sintel BI as a web part. This enables you to add multiple dashboards to one screen or add BI dashboards alongside other web parts on a  SharePoint site.
Web Parts – Sintel Apps

Navigation – indicate if heading permissions don’t match dashboard permissions
If the heading’s permission is different than the dashboard’s (within that group), i.e. more users have access to the heading than have access to the dashboard, BI will now indicate this by changing the colour of the user’s icon to red.

Dashboard filters – permissions-based filtering
In the dropdown filter, we have enabled permission-based filtering. This setting ensures that the filter values are visible only to people who belong to the appropriate group.

Scheduler component
Designed to simplify and streamline your data visualisation experience, the Scheduler allows users to effortlessly integrate event management, room bookings, and hot desk functionalities into their dashboards with just a simple drag-and-drop action.
Scheduler – Sintel Apps

Left Navigation update
The size of text and icon change in expanded mode

May 2023 (20 items) (ver 1.5.70)

Grid – numeric column – move min/max decimal places settings
Min/Max decimal places settings should be before the ‘Show as’ setting

Exclude Color Tag field
SharePoint added new default Color Tag field in every list – we exclude it in Sintel BI by default

Navigation Item – link – reorder properties
When adding links to the navigation the Title appears before the URL

Pie chart – disable ‘Show other’ setting by default
For a pie chart the ‘Show other’ option is now disabled by default

Grid component – open forms in a new tab by default
The edit/new form now open in a new tab by default

Dropdown filter component – support numeric column
We now support numeric columns in our dropdown filter component

Data source – remove 200 items default limit
We removed the default limit of 200 items when creating new data sources

Left navigation – new wide mode
We added a new option to display the left navigation menu with icons on the left and text on the right of them

License information caching
We now cache license information so the application runs faster

Grid – make filtering icon even more prominent
We’ve made the filter icon on grids more obvious when it has been applied

Grid – cross component filtering – support date filtering
We now support date fields when connecting components for filtering purposes

Grid – multiline field – add setting to specify cell’s max height
When using a multiline text column, the text can be very long and thus take even more than 1000px vertically. We added a per column setting, to limit max column height. If the column is taller than the limit we show a scrollbar inside the cell.

Grid – custom html template – allow to access other columns within a column template
You can use {{[]}} to insert field values when using custom HTML

Accumulation chart – workflow status column – import values/colours from Sintel Forms
Users can import the colours applied to the Workflow status within Sintel Forms to make colour coding easier

Grid – add option to disable sorting/filtering on per column basis
Users can enable/disable sorting and filtering on a specific column

Grid – opening forms in a new tab
The grid control can be configured to open items in a new tab

Navigation settings – Add option to inherit group item permissions
Permissions can be applied to a parent item in navigation and the child items under it can be configured to inherit those permissions

Navigation settings – indicate which elements are public and which shared
An icon is now displayed to indicate if a navigation item is publicly shared

Navigation settings – improve UX
When the properties panel is displayed for a navigation item clicking on another navigation item will refresh the panel to show the properties of the selected item

Grid – User column – add option to show avatar
You can now display a users avatar/photo when using user fields on the grid control

Mar 2023 (1 item) (ver 1.5.53)

Inline editing of list items (boolean columns) within a Grid

You can now enable the inline editing of list items on boolean columns i.e. Yes/No columns within Grids.

Jan 2023 (6 items) (ver 1.5.39)

Cross-component filtering (Dynamic filters)

You can now connect components such that clicking on a segment of a pie chart component can filter the data shown in a grid component. This makes it even easier for a user to filter the data they are viewing or drill into it by simply clicking on a component on the screen.

Grid component – emphasize filtering icon in the column header

We increased the font size and emboldened the column which is being filtered in the grid to make it easier to distinguish which columns are being filtered.

Grid component – added support for {webURL} to the HTML column template

If you add columns to the grid to accomplish things like adding a link to open a form in a new tab, you can now use the {webURL} token instead of hardcoding the URL of your site. This makes it easier to move an app based on Sintel BI from test to live as you won’t need to worry about the change in the URL, it will update automatically.

Grid component – Pill column

You now have the ability to import values from the Sintel Forms Status column and in doing so the Sintel Forms Status values and colours are auto-imported. This is a huge timesaver!

Grid component – Wrap text in column headers

We have added an option to enable you to wrap text in column headers which is especially useful if you are trying to display a lot of columns in the grid component.

Custom apps –  load apps in standalone mode

We have added the option so that users can load apps in standalone mode.

Dec 2022 (0 items)

No Release

Reviewing backlog and prioritising

Nov 2022 (7 items) (ver 1.5.15)

Dropdown filter – Text field – added option to set a custom default value

We have added an option to the Dropdown filter component for text fields so that it allows you to specify a custom default value from a list.

SharePoint connector – exclude folders by default

We have added a new setting to SharePoint connectors called Exclude folders.  When enabled, the data source should return list items only, folders are skipped.

Grid component – new option to change the location of the context menu

A context menu appears if you enable editing or deleting on the grid component. If one of those options is enabled you will see a new setting control called Context Menu Order, with default value 2 which means that the context menu will appear as the second column in the grid component.

You can change it to any position by changing the value and if you wish to hide it you can set it to 0.

See app usage dialogue

We have added a sites used count similar to the dashboard count aggregate so you know how many sites you are using.

Grid – Option to enable/disable searching on hidden columns

A new setting has been added to the grid component – ‘Search hidden columns’. The default value is set to false. This option only appears Allow searching is enabled.

Grid- Coloring cells based on the value

We have added a feature enabling you to colour cells within a grid based on the value. The option enables you to apply a specific colour to the background depending on the value. You can also add an icon to be displayed depending on the set value.
This new setting is called ‘Pill’.

Accumulation chart – specify the order of elements in a chart

You can now specify the order of elements within charts. In a Pie Chart that groups data by the status of a form: (Pending, Open, Work in progress, Closed) Sintel BI orders the pie chart by quantity. However, in this scenario you will want to maintain the status order.

In order to specify the order of elements in the chart: Dashboard designer → Pie Chart → Settings → Assign Data → Series settings →<series name> – sorting → Add →  Add your data in the order you wish it to appear

When sorting is set for the series, we first show items based on sort settings and then rest (ordered by quantity)


Oct 2022 (0 items)

No Release

Reviewing backlog and prioritising

Sep 2022 (7 items) (ver 1.5.12)

New “Refresh data” button on dashboards

We have added a button to the top bar on dashboards so that users can refresh data manually if needed.

New data source option (any site in the tenant)

You can now create a data source using any list from any site within the current tenant. This permits you to build dashboards using data stored on other sites.

Sintel App templates now include permissions

When you create an app template you can now include permissions. Both dashboards and navigation entries support permissions so if your app uses custom groups or has permissions applied to dashboards or navigation items using groups, then these can be included in the app template. Any groups required by the app will be created as part of the app import process. This feature makes moving an app from test to production much easier as the import process will create any of the SharePoint groups you need.

Sintel BI App Hub

This new feature enables customers to create an App Hub which is a central location to access all the apps that have been created in their environment. All sites that have Sintel BI added are automatically added to the App Hub and when an app is ready for use it can be published which makes it visible to users. Each app in the App Hub has a configurable title, colour, and icon. Within the App Hub users can search for apps and add specific apps to their favorites. The favoriting mechanism leverages the out-of-the-box favourite sites mechanism available in M365.

Filter component update

The Filter components now display data from lists based on the default list view. If certain items are excluded from the default list view then they won’t appear in the filter components.

Grid control date filtering improvement

Previously when filtering by a date multiple entries could be shown for a date if multiple items contained that date. This has been updated such that only 1 filter option is shown per date i.e. duplicate dates are no longer shown.

New “Show usage” screen

Sintel BI -> Settings -> My License -> Show usage. This new screen will display all the sites in the tenant where Sintel BI is in use including the number of dashboards in each site. The screen permits the user to check all sites to verify if an upgrade is available for them and to update all sites they have access to. The screen is accessible from any site in which Sintel BI is in use which makes it very easy for an admin to upgrade all sites across the environment.

Aug 2022 (3 items) (ver 1.4.28)

Settings – Page redesigned

The settings screen has been redesigned to improve its look and ease of use.

Orphaned Column error message improved

In the case of an orphaned lookup list, an error message is now displayed with the name of the look-up column.

Demo Dashboard

When someone newly installs Sintel BI, a single demo dashboard is included. Users can now view and play around with a preconfigured dashboard to help them understand how the app works. This dashboard is also easily deleted if the user does not need it anymore.

Jul 2022 (4 items) (ver 1.4.24)

Navigation – Multilevel

There is now multilevel navigation so that items can be grouped for users who add multiple links to the navigation.
You now simply add a heading such as ‘dashboards’ and you drop your dashboards under the heading.

When you hover over the heading on the navigation, the dashboard options will then appear.

Navigation – Minimal

You can now enable a compact variation of the navigation menu which only displays the icons.

Navigation – Reorder of creation navigation

When you are creating a dashboard the left navigation menu has been reordered. They are now displayed in the following order: Getting started, Data Sources, Dashboards and all three items can be hidden via the settings page.

Data Source – View/Edit source of a data source

There is a new option to enable users to view and edit data within the data source menu.

Jun 2022 (2 items) (ver 1.4.10)

Navigation – Link Names

Full link names are now displayed when the user hovers over the link on the navigation.

Map Component

We have added two kinds of maps:

Bubble maps – enable the user to visualise quantative values using different-sized bubbles on a map.

Choropleth maps – allow the user to show quantitative values based of of a colour scale.

Hovering over the map sections displayed further details about the data.

May 2022 (7 items) (ver 1.4.1)

Grid – Remove/ Add all columns

An option has been added to remove/ add all visible columns to a grid in one go. This improves how quickly you can add the right columns to your grid.

Grid – Default columns visible improved

Previously when a user added data to a grid, all columns from the list were added to the grid by default. This created a cluttered default grid. Now the columns visible on the grid are set to a limit of 20 by default, making it easier for the user to pick and choose which columns they want to be visible.

New date formatting for charts 

It is possible to display date columns as values on charts in a few different ways i.e. Year, Month, Day of the week.
A new option was requested and that was to show the date on a char as: “Month, Year” for example “May 2022”.

Data Source storage improvements 

We adjusted how data sources were stored. There is now common storage for data sources such that only a single copy of each data source is stored.

Navigation – Improvements to Hiding 

There is a setting available to hide the left navigation panel. We have made improvements so that the user doesn’t have to refresh the page to see if they have applied this setting.

Dashboard Viewer – Empty Dashboard information

If a dashboard is empty, text and an icon are now displayed to inform the user that nothing has been added to the dashboard.

Dashboard Designer – Refresh data sources option

When we design a dashboard it often happens that we are missing a data source. It is now easier to add a new data source and connect it without a need to refresh the dashboard. Next to the data source dropdown, there is a link to open the data sources screen in a new tab and a button to refresh data sources.


Apr 2022 (0 items)

No Release

Reviewing backlog and prioritising

Mar 2022 (5 items) (ver 1.2.8)

Grid Component – New delete confirmation modal

When deleting a list item via the grid component a new confirmation modal is shown to confirm the deletion.

Filter Component Settings – show only data sources that are used on a dashboard

All of the filter components have the DataSource property and previously all of the data sources were listed. With this update, only those data sources which are assigned to at least one component are listed.

Grid – show dates based on the site regional setting

All the dates shown on the grid control now inherit the regional settings of the site in which the grid control is used. The only exception to this is when a user overrides those settings with personal time settings.

New Default theme options

We have added a number of default themes to enable customers to quickly change the branding applied to apps built with Sintel BI.

Accumulation charts – change the default size of the component

Previously when adding the accumulation chart to a dashboard, it displayed as 4×4 by default, we have changed this default size to 8×8.

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