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Permissions required to use the Sintel Forms Designer

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To use the Sintel Forms Designer a user must have the “Manage Lists” permission within the site they are trying to use the Sintel Forms Designer in.


This permission is available with the Edit, Design and Full Control permission levels and we recommend that you grant users this access by placing them into a SharePoint group that has that permission level applied to it.


Some of our customers create a specific SharePoint group for this purpose calling it Sintel Forms Designers and apply the Edit permission level to it. This restricts the use of the Sintel Forms Designer to a limited number of users so that only a select few can design forms which helps ensure consistency of form design across an organisation. Also as you may be aware when a SharePoint site is created the out-of-the-box Members groups is granted Edit access and we recommend changing this to Contribute as it is generally sufficient for them.


Regardless of what permission a user has on a specific list if they do not have the “Manage Lists” permission on the specific site they will be unable to use the Sintel Forms Designer and will receive the following warning when they attempt to use the Sintel Forms Designer.

Sintel Forms Designer Insufficient Permissions

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