How To Series

In this series, Amy covers what exactly the Sintel Apps platform is and how you can use it to deliver forms and apps for your users. Each clip focuses on a specific set of features within Sintel Forms or Sintel BI.


1 What is Sintel Forms?

An Add-In for SharePoint that can be used to build apps on SharePoint. Whether you use Microsoft 365 or SharePoint On-Prem you can build apps and automate business processes in minutes. It’s an ideal replacement for InfoPath and a great alternative to PowerApps.


2 Settings Overview

A quick overview of the settings that can be used when creating forms. This includes the 4 primary screens for Settings, Layout, Workflow and Logic. We cover items such as the form Theme & Styling options, Localisation, External sharing and Mobile Access.


3 Theme & Styling

We cover all the options for typography (font types, sizes and alignment) and also the colours and icons that can be applied to your forms. With all the options available it’s very easy to personalise your forms and ensure they meet your organisation’s branding.


4 Form Viewer

We cover the options available in the Form Viewer which displays forms to users. This clip covers the options for exporting forms to PDF, checking for unsaved changes and redirection options after a form is saved or closed. Additionally we cover concurrent access and how to hide the form footer.


5 Localisation

The localisation settings within the Sintel Forms Designer enable you to override the default labels displayed on your forms. This enables you to customise your forms to support any particular language and to change the wording of the standard buttons to anything you might need.


6 Conversations

One of the most popular features in Sintel Forms. It enables users to post comments and use @mentions directly on the form. Bottlenecks in traditional workflows can be avoided by enabling users to request more info or direct a question to another user rather than rejecting a form.


7 External Submissions

External Submissions enable you to share forms with users that have no access to your SharePoint environment. Any user can submit a form and upon submission they can receive an email confirming that their submission has been received. All form submissions can be protected with a Captcha to eliminate the possibility of receiving spam or having robots submitting forms.


8 External Sharing

Enable your internal users to share a specific form with external users who have no access to your SharePoint environment. These users can view and edit the form and participate in any workflow you have defined. This feature is ideal for scenarios when you need to involve external people to gather feedback or collect signatures without giving them any access to your SharePoint environment.


9 External Access

This feature controls the visibility of the people picker fields and workflow history widget on your forms when used with external users. External users are users with no access to your SharePoint environment. This feature is designed to ensure the security of your internal user information such that anonymous users who submit forms can never see information about your internal users.


10 Confirmation Screens

Confirmations screens enable you to display information to a user after they create a new form or edit an existing one. The information show is completely customisable and supports the use of both HTML and Font Awesome which means you can achieve any design you require.

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