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Our Reminders feature can be used to trigger emails to one or more people to alert them that a form is still in a particular status or requires their attention.

To start using reminders you must first enable them in the Settings screen and then you will be able to configure them within the Reminders screen:

The properties you can configure include:

Name – the name of the reminder.

Is active – this controls whether the reminder is active i.e. whether it’s in use or not.

Status – this is the form workflow status that will trigger the reminder.

Start – the delay (in days) when the first reminder will be triggered after reaching the selected status.

Send on – two options are available:

  • Specific days – the user can select the specific days of the week that reminders will be sent.
  • Recurring interval – the user can specify the frequency, after how many days the reminders will be sent.

Time – this is the time that reminders will be sent (this is based on the time settings defined in the specific SharePoint site).

End after – this controls the number of reminders to send.

Email settings section – in this section you can define the email settings, such as recipients, subject and the email body.


This is an example of reminder with a number of its settings configured:

  • The reminder is triggered when the Form reaches the status called “Status 1” (this status would first have been defined in the Workflow screen)
  • Once the reminder is triggered it waits 1 day
  • Then it will send an email on Monday at 6AM and will continue to send emails each Monday until 5 reminders have been sent


Reminders are only sent if all the conditions are met. If the form workflow status changes before all the reminders are sent then any remaining reminders will not be sent.



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