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SharePoint Add-Ins are retiring what can you do

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Microsoft has announced that they are retiring the use of SharePoint Add-ins and recommend using SharePoint framework-based solutions (SPFx). This affects our Sintel Forms Add-in which is currently available from Microsoft AppSource.


What this means for you

As Sintel Forms is currently a SharePoint Add-in our customers will need to migrate to a new version. The good news is that we are already working on the new version and we will have it released long before the existing SharePoint Add-Ins stop working.


In Summary

  1. We are aware of the changes that are coming and have already started working on a new version of Sintel Forms.
  2. This will not adversely affect any customers who are already using the existing app until April 2026 as the SharePoint Add-in will continue to be supported until then.
  3. In 2024 we will release a new version of Sintel Forms and it will be available on AppSource.
  4. Your existing data within your SharePoint lists will be unaffected.


Upgrade Procedure

The upgrade procedure will be as painless as we can possibly make it.

  1. Download the new version of the app from AppSource once it’s released.
  2. Add the app it into the sites in which you are already using Sintel Forms.
  3. Launch the designer and verify the Layout, Workflow & Logic settings (in the vast majority of cases, no changes will be required).
  4. Click Save.


Note: Some forms that use extensive custom logic utilising custom JavaScript functions will require some updates due to changes in our API between the current Sintel Forms product and the new one. However, we will provide detailed documentation showing how to update your code to leverage the new API and as ever our support team will be available via our website chat if you have any questions.


For more information on this process please refer to the Modernization guidance for existing SharePoint Add-In model implementations in Microsoft 365.

If you have any concerns about the Microsoft announcement or our new version of Sintel Forms, feel free to drop us an email at

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