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Export a form template

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We built a feature into the Sintel Forms Designer called “Export configuration”. This generates a template file with the extension “.sfrm” which can be used to import your exact form configuration including all the lists and their columns into another site. This template does not currently contain the values from any lookup lists you are using on your form. You will have to populate these lists manually however this is easily done by placing the source and destination lists in “Quick edit” mode and copying and pasting the data. We added this feature for 2 main reasons:

  1. Develop, Test, Deploy
    It permits you to design a form including its Layout, Workflow and Logic in a test site and once you are happy it works as expected you can then export that configuration into a template that you can then import into another site preserving all the lists, columns & settings you had configured in the form.
  2. Troubleshooting issues
    It provides us with a very quick way of assisting you in the event that you have an issue. If you have configured a form and want some help with an issue or simply configuring the form you can export the configuration to a template and send it to us. We can then import the template and replicate your exact form in less than 2 minutes! We know pretty awesome right!
When we troubleshoot issues reported by customers we often request that customers export their form template & send it to us. Please note that a form template does not contain any customer data. Form templates only contain the details of the lists and columns within those lists that have been configured with Sintel Forms. Sending us your form template is by far the fastest way to resolve any issue you may experience.

Exporting the form configuration

  1. Launch the Sintel Forms Designer by clicking on the icon in the ribbon
  2. From the top menu click on “Export configuration”
  3. Enter in a title and a description
  4. Click export
  5. Once the export is done the template file will be downloaded to your PC with the extension “.sfrm”.
  6. Now that you have the exported form configuration if you need our assistance you can send us by submitting a support ticket and attaching it.
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