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Workflow History

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Widgets are a special type of field that can be added into your forms that provide specific functionality. The  “Workflow history” widget enables you to embed the history of the workflow directly on the form. This is particularly useful when you want to insert the history of all statuses and actions taken throughout the workflow process and as you will see this is very configurable. You can, for example, show all statuses or specific statuses and you can also choose to include or exclude the action history.

In order to use the Workflow history widget you must first ensure the Workflow feature is enabled within the Settings screen.

Workflow history

Workflow history widget added to a form


When you add the workflow history widget to a form is populated with sample content to give you an idea of how it will look. Once you complete your form design the sample content will be replaced by the actual workflow history.
While you can add the widget into the form using any column layout we recommend using a single column layout to achieve the best display experience for your end users.



Once added this widget has a number of settings that you can configure including:

  • Print mode – you can include or exclude the widget on the PDF printouts (include by default).
  • Statuses – gives a possibility to define which statuses and other corresponding data (such as actions) are displayed (all by default).
  • Display – gives a possibility to display actions and statuses or actions only (everything by default).
  • Sort – the order of data displayed i.e. latest on the top (by default) or oldest on the top.
  • Show comments – display or hide comments (turned on by default)
  • Show status/action names – display or hide status/action names (turned on by default)



The settings outlined above only affect the display of the widget itself when added to your form layout. They have no effect on the standard workflow tab available on the top-right menu bar within a form.
If you choose to use this widget with an existing form design it’s important to note that it will affect existing forms using that design. The underlying form data will not be changed in any way however users may have access to see the workflow history the settings of your existing forms when previously they may not have had this access.


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