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Workflow emails containing incorrect links to forms

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Emails received by internal users that are configured to use the displayUrl or editUrl tokens to insert a link to the form appear to have the form link changed from an internal link to an external link. As a result, the users receive a Form Not Found page or are prompted to enter a PIN when clicking to open a form link from within a workflow email.

This particular issue is unlikely to occur unless there is an incorrect configuration of your form. The Sintel Forms app will only replace the displayUrl or editUrl token values with an external URL if the email is being sent to an external user. Before attempting to implement the resolution below we recommend that you check the Workflow configuration within the Sintel Forms Designer to verify if any of the emails are configured to send to an external user. External users are any users with an email from outside your domain or those with an “EU” (external user) badge displayed before their entry. 

Users may receive this:

Form Not Found

or this:

Authentication required (pin prompt)


If this occurs you can insert the link to the forms using an alternative method that does not use the displayUrl or editUrl tokens. You simply specify the display or edit links in the following format:

Display URL: FullPathToList/dispform.aspx?ID={{ID}}

Edit URL: FullPathToList/editform.aspx?ID={{ID}}



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