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Adding and Editing Linked List items using Inline, Dialog & Sintel Forms Embedded

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In the February 2020 release, we introduced an update to our editing modes to use Sintel Forms within Sintel Forms. This extended our existing “Editing mode” feature from 2 options to 3 meaning that customers can choose from the two existing modes i.e. Inline and Dialog and in addition they can now choose a new option called Sintel Embedded.

Mode 1 – Inline

This is the most commonly used mode allowing users to add data directly into the form. It works well in cases where there are not too many fields of data to enter.


Mode 2 – Dialog

If your linked list has many columns then this mode is a good option as it enables you to choose which fields of data to show on the main form and then when an item is edited a dialog appears showing all the fields.

When using “Dialog” mode the column visibility setting in the Designer does not apply to the open in dialog setting, which means that all the fields will be visible on the dialog including system fields (in read-only mode) as shown above.

Mode 3 – Sintel Embedded

This is similar to the Dialog mode however you have full control over the layout & styling of the linked list item to ensure your forms are completely on brand. You also benefit from being able to utilise some of the features of Sintel Forms such as “Export to PDF” and “Attachments” with image previews.

When using linked lists or libraries standard SharePoint permissions apply i.e. you must ensure your users have contribute permissions on any linked list or library to ensure they can add items into those linked lists from the main form.
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