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Use Sintel Embedded Mode on a linked list

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To set up Sintel Embedded mode on a Linked List you need to do two things:

  1. Open the main form in Sintel Forms Designer and navigate to the Linked List property in the Designer and select “Sintel Embedded” as the Editing mode .
  2. Open the linked list in Sintel Forms Designer and enable Sintel Forms.

Once you have done this the next time you attempt to add or edit a linked list item from the main form the individual items will appear within a Sintel Forms modal and will include whatever settings are defined in the linked list including:

  • Theme & Styling
  • Layout
  • Logic
  • Other settings
It’s worth mentioning that a multi-line text field which is set to ‘Append only’ will work differently when used in the “Sintel Embedded” editing mode – it will not show historical values (it’s values from previous versions of the item. Also if External Submissions and External Collaboration are setup on the main list then the linked list will permit external users to view and edit them without needing to be granted explicit permissions.
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