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Configure Printing Options

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In the settings menu, you can turn on/off the ‘PDF export’ option and you can also define in which layout PDFs should be printed i.e. Portrait or Landscape. Additionally in the Layout screen you can choose two print mode options and optionally exclude fields and/or sections from printing.

Print Mode-Continuous

When this mode is used the form will simply be converted to a PDF and the contents will be spread out across 1 or more pages of the PDF.

Continuous mode:




Print Mode-Insert Page Break

With this mode you can configure a particular section to be printed on a new page.

Insert Page Break mode:



Print Mode-Exclude

If you need to, you can exclude a field or section from printing as follows:


Setting the print mode to exclude will result in the relevant field or section appearing on the form in the browser but when the form is exported to a PDF the field or section will not be included:


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