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Handling the list view threshold for the Workflow and Conversations features

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Data Storage Mode Enhancement

When you enable the Workflow or Conversations features in Sintel Forms, the add-in takes care of creating two lists to store their data. The amount of data these lists accumulate over time depends on your workflow’s complexity and your usage of the Conversations feature.

As these lists amass a significant volume of data, you might face challenges. SharePoint’s list view threshold may trigger issues if either or both of these lists grow excessively, potentially leading to restricted access.

Transitioning to Folder-Based Mode

From August 2019 (v. 1.14) onward, we’ve rolled out an improved data storage mode. This innovation sidesteps list view threshold problems and bolsters overall performance. In this upgraded mode, both Workflow and Conversations data reside in subfolders. Each new form triggers the creation of an associated folder within the Workflow and Conversations lists.

All forms created after the August 2019 release will automatically embrace the new folder-based mode, while pre-existing forms require their mode changed.

Switching to the new mode is a breeze. Launch the Sintel Forms Designer, and it will detect if the change is necessary. You, the user, can opt to transition to the new mode or stick with the old one. Should you choose the transition, it typically takes just a few seconds, and upon completion, you can exit the Sintel Forms Designer.

It’s crucial to emphasize that this conversion process leaves your form and stored data untouched. The new mode’s sole purpose is to avert potential list view threshold issues in SharePoint.


When you switch over to the new mode it automatically enables cascade deletion on the Workflow and Conversations lists such that if a form is deleted then it’s associated workflow and conversations history are deleted. Also to ensure good housekeeping, any orphaned entries found in both the workflow and conversation lists are deleted during the conversion process.


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