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Restrict access to users not found in a SharePoint group

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This article uses the Logic feature in Sintel Forms. 


In this article, we will delve into harnessing the power of custom JavaScript to actively verify a user’s membership in a specific SharePoint group. This enables you to dynamically limit access to features if the user doesn’t belong to the designated group.

This capability can be invaluable in protecting sensitive information and ensuring that your organization’s privacy remains intact. Here is an example of how it can used:

  1. Navigate to the Form Designer and go to the “Logic” section. Add a new rule.
  2. In the Rule Properties on the right-hand side, enter the name and select which Condition check method you want, as well as if the rule should Run Once.


3. Insert the Condition you wish to trigger the rule. In our case, we only want this rule to trigger when the form is opened after the form status has been completed.


4. In the Conditions on the left side of the screen, select the Custom js function option.

5. Enter the code below into the black box that appears, being sure to enter the relevant SharePoint groups that apply to you:


6. This code will return True if the user isn’t in either of these groups.

7. You can now select Steps that will disable or hide features to the user if this is the case. See our example below:


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