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Lookup Columns: Retrieve additional columns from Lookup List

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Sometimes you may want to pull in additional columns from a lookup list when you are creating the lookup column and this is pretty simple to do.

When you are creating the lookup column and attempt to pull in additional columns you will find that this out-of-the-box SharePoint features does not support all fields types. For example if you have columns in your lookup list whose column type is set to Hyperlink, Picture or Multiple lines of text, these will not appear as available columns. You can work around this problem by creating a Single line of text field in the Lookup list for each unsupported column you have and then enabling Sintel Forms on the Lookup list and using it to set the values of the Single Line of text fields to the values from those unsupported columns. It’s a bit of extra effort but it works!



Let’s start by configuring SharePoint:

As you can see besides the Lookup column which retrieves its data from “Title”, we also select “ID”, “Number” and the “Letter” field. Now its time to add our fields into the layout.

Now that the fields are added lets see how it looks.


You can see from the animation above that in addition to the main Lookup field (“ListLookup”) the other additional fields are also retrieved from the Lookup list and are read-only on the form. If you change the selected value in the “ListLookup” column the related values will be retrieved from the Lookup list.

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