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Differences between the Cloud and On-Prem Versions of Sintel Forms

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While Sintel Forms is available for both the cloud (Microsoft 365) and SharePoint On-Prem (2013-2019) there are a few differences between both versions. The cloud version is updated very frequently with new features whereas the On-Prem version is updated less frequently.

It’s also important to note that not all of the features that are available in the cloud version are available in the On-Prem version and some features will never be made available in the On-Prem version due to differences in the two platforms.

On-Prem Missing Features

The following features are not currently available in the On-Prem version.

  1. External Sharing, submissions, and collaboration
  2. Sintel Forms Mobile App
  3. Stripe Payments
  4. Email Reminders
  5. HTML Widget
  6. Inclusion of lookup list data when exporting Form Templates

In addition to these missing features, some of the screens within the Sintel Forms Designer are slightly different in the On-Prem version. In some cases, a feature is not available and in others the feature has limited options.

Settings Screen

The following menu items are not available in On-Prem

  1. External Submissions
  2. External Sharing
  3. External Access Settings
  4. External Collaboration
  5. Mobile Access (access via the Sintel Forms Mobile App)
  6. Payments (configure forms to receive payments using Stripe)

Settings Screen->Basic Features
Attachments settings (enable/disable)-unavailable
Attachments whitelisting-unavailable
List View Threshold prevention-unavailable

Settings Screen->Theme & Styling
Customisation options-the available options are reduced

Settings Screen->Form Viewer
Actions Menu Behavior setting-unavailable

Layout Screen

Create a linked list-unavailable
HTML Widget-unavailable

Workflow Screen

Ignore validation setting-unavailable
API Integration (to allow automated submission)-unavailable

Logic Screen

Step-disable or hide features step-reduced options
Workflow history: Disable-unavailable
Conversations” section-unavailable
Attachments” section-unavailable
Item History” section-unavailable
missing Ignore validation on save-unavailable
missing “Field – Set Value”-unavailable

Reminders Screen

This screen is unavailable

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