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Deprecation of the SintelFormsWorkflow list

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Until now when a form uses a workflow, the history of completed tasks and status progression was saved in a dedicated list SintelFormsWorkflow_<guid>. Each configured form has had its own workflow history list. This approach required additional data queries and needed extra measures to prevent list view threshold issues. To combat those problems we are deprecating the SintelFormsWorkflow list.

What will change for you:

  • Internally the workflow history will now be stored within additional columns in the list item itself
  • The workflow history list will not be created for new lists
  • Existing lists will be transitioned to the new workflow history storage policy progressively in the following way:
    • When a previously existing item is saved or a workflow action is triggered on it, its existing history will be migrated from the workflow history list to the new columns along with any new history entries
    • The Workflow History list will stay untouched being a redundant snapshot of the workflow history for the list prior to the new system
    • Newly created items will store their workflow history in the list item directly, omitting the workflow history list completely
  • A new signatures library will be created to store signature images of task assignees. The library is not directly accessible to users.

The process will be transparent to the end-users and form designers. It may impact you if you:

  • Are performing customized backups and/or data migration. In this case, you need to still include the SintelFormsWorkflow_<guid> list in your process if it exists. Only items updated after the release migrate their history directly to the list item’s columns.
  • Are using external automation (like Power Automate) in conjunction with Sintel Forms. In this case, you need to consider the following:
    • If you are reading the workflow history, you now need to look in two places for it. The list item’s SintelFormsWorkflowData and SintelFormsWorkflowDataExt columns concatenated they form the new history in form of a JSON string. If the value is empty (and only then), you need to check in the SintelFormsWorkflow_<guid> list for data that existed before the change of the process.
    • If you are altering the workflow externally, e.g. simulating actions, please contact us for advice.


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