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Debugging your forms

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Occasionally when designing forms you may encounter scenarios where the Rules you have configured within the Logic screen don’t appear to work as you intended. Often this is a simple misconfiguration where a rule is simply inactive, is using multiple conditions with an incorrect Conditions check method or there is an issue with a js function you are using.

Luckily there is a pretty easy solution to enable debug mode by appending &debug=1 to the URL.

When this is enabled you will be able to see all the information by hitting the F12 key on your keyboard. This is supported by most popular web browsers including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox & Internet Explorer.

Normal Mode

In normal mode you can see that there isn’t much data shown in the Console

Debug Mode

In debug mode you will see the details of the Logic rules that are executed

As you can see there is explicit information at the top of the form that you are in debug mode and you will also see much more detailed information about the Logic rules that have been processed.

When the &debug=1 parameter is used the form works in the same way as it normally would. The advantage of adding it is simply to assist with troubleshooting a form in the event you are experiencing an issue with your Logic.


If after using the &debug=1 parameter you are still unable to resolve your issue, don’t worry, help is available! Customers who have purchased a license can email their form template to us and we can review it and attempt to resolve your issue. To learn how to do this, please refer to the following article: Export a form template

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