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PDF export

Here you can disable or enable exporting to PDF in Portrait(default) or Landscape mode.

PDF export enabled:

Portrait mode:

Landscape mode:

PDF page numbering

Adds page numbers to the PDF export in one of three places ( bottom left, center or right).

This setting is only available when ‘PDF export’ is enabled.

Landscape mode, page numbering on the left:

Enable check for unsaved changes

When enabled the form will check for unsaved changes when closing the form. If there are unsaved some changes a confirmation prompt will be displayed.

After save/action redirect to

Optionally choose where the users will be redirected after saving, closing or completing an action from the actions menu. The available options are:

Default – redirect to the list view


Form in edit mode – redirect to the saved item in edit mode


Form in view mode – redirect to the saved item in view mode


Custom URL – gives the customer a possibility to type an URL and redirects to it after save.

After close redirect to

Choose where the users will be redirected after close the from. This setting contains the same options as ‘After save/action redirect to’.

The redirection into form in edit or view mode doesn’t work in case of new item – the user is redirected to the list view.

Enable concurrent access

Enables multiple users to edit a form at the same time rather than have them receive an error that another user editing the item.

The Concurrent access feature only applies when 2 or more users are using the Sintel Forms Viewer to edit a form simultaneously or if 2 or more users are using the Sintel Forms Viewer and/or the standard “Quick edit” feature available in SharePoint lists to edit a form simultaneously. This setting will not affect a scenario where a user attempts to save/edit a form or complete an action within the Sintel Forms Viewer while another process (such as a SharePoint Designer workflow) or 3rd party product also attempts to update the form.

The error appears when the setting is disabled and multiple users edit the form at the same time:

Hide form footer

Enables customers to hide the standard “Built with Sintel Forms” text at the bottom of the form.

Display menu at the bottom

This setting gives the customer possibility to display ‘Save’, ‘Close’ and ‘Action’ buttons at the bottom of a form, in one of three available positions (left, center or right).

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