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How to complete a form action with Power Automate

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If you are using an automation process such as Power Automate in conjunction with Sintel Forms, you may want to have a way to progress an item to the next workflow status depending on the conditions and events in the automation process.

Sintel Forms makes this possible using a dedicated API which is available within the Sintel Forms Designer.


The API feature discussed in this article is disabled by default and needs to be enabled by Sintel explicitly. If you wish to enable it simply contact us and we will be happy to enable it for you.


Once the feature is enabled for you, a new API Integration configuration option will appear when you click on any of the actions you have defined within the Workflow screen of the Sintel Forms Designer:

Enabling the Allow automated submission option will populate the endpoint URL This URL can be used in a POST operation from within Power Automate to complete a form action and thus set or change the status of a form. The URL contains a placeholder <formId> that needs to be substituted with the actual list item’s ID that your process is running against.


Each individual action defined within the Workflow screen of the Sintel Forms Designer has its own endpoint URL and you only need to activate the feature for the specific action(s) that you want to be able to complete from Power Automate.


It’s worth noting that while this article focuses on Power Automate, our API feature can be used with any workflow/automation process that you may be using including third-party apps such as Nintex Workflows etc…
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