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Sintel Forms contains a simple but powerful workflow engine that can be used to implement pretty much any business process. The workflow engine uses Statuses and Actions and is designed around the concept that at any point in time a form can have a specific status and to transition out of that status someone needs to complete an action.

When configuring a workflow it can be helpful to think about all the statuses a form can potentially be in as it moves through a business process. Once you have a list of those statuses you simply need to create the actions required to transition the form from one status to another.

The workflow engine within Sintel forms contains 5 key components:

  1. Statuses
    These are the states a form can be in at any point in time.
  2. Actions
    These are the options that will appear on the form under the “Actions” drop-down that will allow users to move the form from one status to another.
  3. Quorum
    This controls how many individual people must complete an action before it is considered complete and moves the form to the next status.
  4. Confirmation (optional)
    These settings allow defining how the user will confirm the action that is willing to take.
  5. Email Notifications (optional)
    These can be configured on both Statuses and Actions allowing users to be notified when a form changes status or when they are assigned actions.


More information about Statuses.

More information about Actions.

More information about Email.

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