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Track the usage of Sintel Forms

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We have provided a simple mechanism to enable customers to track the usage of Sintel Forms within their organization.

This mechanism is not enabled by default and any customer that wishes to enable it can simply email us with their tenant id and we can enable it in a matter of minutes.


To track the number of forms

  1. Open any site in which the Sintel Forms app has been added
  2. Click on the Sintel Forms Add-in (aka App)
  3. On the Sintel Forms app homepage that opens you should see a button “Show Forms
  4. Clicking this button will trigger a popup showcasing all the sites within your organization where Sintel Forms is actively used.

Any site in which the Sintel Forms app has been added will be displayed in this list. The number displayed refers to the number of active form templates. If the number displayed is zero this means that either:

  1. No form has been configured in the site.
  2. 1 or more forms were configured but Sintel Forms is currently disabled on the list(s).


To make sure you are seeing accurate data please ensure to refresh the app homepage and then click on “Show Forms”. Whenever Sintel Forms is added to a site or enabled/disabled on a list the app homepage must be refreshed to see the latest data.
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