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Recommended Permissions For Forms

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Every application you create can have unique permission requirements but as a general rule we follow a standard approach to applying permissions in a site that uses Sintel Forms. This approach ensures users are able to use the form but also restricts them from editing data that they shouldn’t i.e. they are only granted the access they need. The basic configuration only involves 2 steps as outlined below.

Basic Configuration

Step 1

  1. Add “Everyone” into the Visitors group-make sure to deselect the option to send them an email !!

Once you have done this everyone in your organization can open the site but they only have read access.

Step 2

Grant users contribute access to certain lists/libraries to enable them to use the site, this would typically include:

  1. The list where you have enabled and configured Sintel Forms
  2. Any linked lists or libraries  (if you are using linked lists)
  3. If you are using the Conversations feature, the associated (SintelFormsChat_List GUID)

Granting this level of access involves opening the settings of the relevant list/library, opening it’s permissions, breaking permissions inheritance and then changing the Visitors group from Read to Contribute access within that specific list or library.

At this point users in your organisation will be able to submit forms, add linked list or linked library items and participate in Form Conversations


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