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The Sintel BI App Hub

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The App Hub is a gateway to access all the apps created with the Sintel Apps Platform across your organisation. It detects all the Sintel apps in your organisation and allows you to publish 1 or more of them into a central location accessible to all your users. Each app can have a customisable tile with its own title, colour and icon.

Once the App Hub is added to the navigation menu of a site using Sintel BI, all the apps that have been created in your organisation will be displayed and you can choose which ones are published to your users. Users can search through your published apps and add them to their favourites.

In Sintel BI, you could already set a landing page for your application such as a specific dashboard. With the launch of our App Hub you can now set the landing page of a site using Sintel BI to the App Hub.

To use the app hub as the landing page on a site using Sintel BI, simply:

  1. Navigate to the settings on the left navigation → General → Enable the ‘Use App Hub as landing page‘ toggle.
  2. Select the site name or logo on the top left, and your landing page will load and you will see all the apps that have been identified in your environment.
  3. Select the applications you want to appear on the landing page and click ‘publish
  4. Customise the application tiles’ names/logos and colours to make the landing page as intuitive as possible.
  5. When a user loads the page – they will only be able to access the applications to which they themselves have been granted access. Therefore you need to make sure that users have all relevant permissions to sites/apps you want them to be able to access. 

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