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How to remove or reinstall Sintel BI

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If you need to remove Sintel BI or reinstall it for any reason, the process is pretty simple.

This procedure could be necessary if Sintel BI stops working on one or more of your sites. This can occur for some customers if they attempt to update the Sintel BI App within the Site contents of any SharePoint site. The Sintel BI App should only be updated within the tenant App catalog by choosing the “Upgrade Store App” option.

How to remove

The following steps should be completed by your tenant admin or someone with sufficient permissions to update apps.

    1. Open your tenant app catalog site and open Site contents
    2. If the Sintel BI app is listed there, delete it
    3. Open the Apps For SharePoint list, locate the Sintel BI app, and delete it
    4. Finally, open the first stage recycle bin and delete the 2 items followed by opening the second stage recycle bin and removing the same 2 items
    5. If the removal process has been successful then there should be no entries in the following locations for Sintel BI
      • PathToAppCatalog/Lists/ComponentManifests (there should be no entry for Sintel BI)
      • PathToAppCatalog/ClientSideAssets (there should be no folder named c2544131-8c2f-4ea7-bb5b-a24211df5945)


How to reinstall

If you need to reinstall Sintel BI perform the following steps.

      1. Open your tenant app catalog site and then open Site contents
      2. If you’re using the modern experience, choose “New“->”App
      3. Select “From SharePoint Store“->”Find more apps in SharePoint Store
      4. Search for Sintel and choose Sintel BI
      5. On the next screen, you will be prompted with either “Add to app catalog” or “Add
        • If you chose “Add to app catalog” you will be prompted with a secondary window “Confirm data access”, click “Add“. This will add the app into the App Catalog so that it’s available for use in sites within your tenant.
        • If you choose “Add” the app will be added to the Site contents of the App catalog site collection and it will also be added to into the App Catalog so that it’s available for use in sites within your tenant.
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