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Lists used by Sintel BI

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When you add the Sintel BI app to a site and then provision the app, the provisioning process creates a number of lists in the site that it requires.

Lists Added

  1. SintelBIInstanceConfiguration
    Stores application settings including the Infrastructure version and App settings, theme definition and navigation settings.
  2. SintelBIRecycledDashboards
    Stores deleted dashboards.
  3. SintelBISPPrinciples
    The users or groups with whom navigation links have been shared.
  4. SintelBIConnectors
    stores to connections to the lists used as data sources.
  5. SintelBIDataSources
    Contains any data sources that have been defined including their Title and a reference to their connector (from whom they receive their data).
  6. SintelBIDashboards
    Stores a list of the dashboards including their Title and their Identifier (GUID).
  7. SintelBIComponents
    Stores a list of the components including their Title, Identifier (GUID), the Dashboard and the Dashboard version they are linked to, the Data Source they are linked to.


Sintel do not recommend making changes to the lists or the columns that are created by our Sintel BI app, doing so can break features or lead to unexpected behavior.
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