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How to configure Sintel BI

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Once you have installed the Sintel BI app BI in a site the next step is to provision the app which is a 2-step process:

  1. Create the Sintel BI app page
  2. Set the Sintel BI app page as the site template


To complete these steps the user needs to be a site owner.


Step 1 – Create the Sintel BI app Page
  1. Open the site homepage and click on New > Page
  2. Choose the 2nd tab for Apps, select Sintel BI and select Create page
  3. Give the new page a Title such as “SintelBI” and click Save
  4. Once the page is saved Sintel BI will prompt you to setup the app, click Start setup now
  5. The setup process will proceed and once completed you should be redirected to the getting started screen
Step 2 – Set the Sintel BI app page as the site homepage
  1. Click on Settings > Site contents and then open the Site Pages library
  2. Hover over the new page you created and using the context menu choose Make homepage
  3. Now your new Sintel BI app page will be set as the homepage of the site and if you click on the site logo on the top left of your screen the Sintel BI app page will load


You can now begin creating data sources, dashboards and configuring the app’s settings before sharing them with your users.



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