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How to install Sintel BI without AppSource

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Some organizations disable the use of Microsoft AppSource which means that their users can’t install apps on their tenant from AppSource. While this isn’t common practice it does sometimes occur in organizations with sensitive content or those with restrictive policies relating to the use of apps or add-ins with Microsoft 365.

Luckily, Sintel Apps (which includes both Sintel Forms and Sintel BI) can still be installed in such environments using the procedure outlined below.

Please note that these steps should be performed by a tenant administrator.

Step 1 Verify that your organization has an app catalog

To install apps you must have an app catalog, typically you will use a tenant app catalog (but you can also use a site collection AppCatalog if you prefer).

  1. To verify if you already have a tenant app catalog attempt to open the following url:

If your tenant does not have a tenant app catalog creating one is easy, you can create it by simply trying to open it:

  1. Navigate to the SharePoint admin center
  2. Click on More features
  3. Under the Apps section click on Open
  4. This will trigger the creation of the Tenant App catalog

If you would prefer to use a Site Collection App Catalog you can create one using the following simple PowerShell script.

Connect-SPOService -Url
Add-SPOSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site https://PathToYourSiteCollection

Please note that to create a Site Collection App Catalog the user must be a site admin of the Tenant App Catalog.

Step 2 Download the latest version of the Sintel BI app

The latest version of Sintel BI can be downloaded from us here:


Step 4 Upload the Sintel BI app

  1. Open your tenant app catalog:
    Alternatively, if you are using a Site Collection App Catalog simply open it.
  2. Upload the Sintel BI app package (typically named sintel-bi-spfx.sppkg)
  3. Once the app is uploaded you will be prompted to deploy it, when doing so we recommend choosing “Enable this app and add it to all sites”. This does not add the app into the site contents of every site, it merely makes it available to be added to any site.

Once the app is added you can proceed to Configure Sintel BI.

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