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Summary Card

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Summary cards can be a helpful way of giving users a brief piece of information on your dashboard.

In this article, you will learn how to add a summary card to your dashboard.

How to Add a Summary Card

Step 1 Add the summary card component
  1. Drag and drop the summary card icon from the container on the left of your dashboard when in design view.
  2. Adjust the summary card according to your desired size.

Add the summary card component

Step 2 Naming the Component 
  1. If you select your summary card it will open the properties pane on the right-hand side. I always like to start by naming my new component and giving it a description and an icon.
  2. You can choose to align the tile left centre or right.
  3. You can also give it an elevated border or change the background colour.

Naming the component and changing the look & feel

Step 3 Changing the Value settings
  1. By default, the font size is set to 48px and the alignment to the centre.
  2. If you wish to change the font size, colour or alignment you can easily do so in the value settings.

Changing the Value Settings


Step 4 Adding a Link
  1. We find making a summary card into a clickable link hugely beneficial.If you have a number of dashboards/reports you can show a piece of data featured in one dashboard on a summary card. If someone wants more information related to this data they can click on the summary card to open another dashboard/ report related to that information. Alternatively, you could set the URL to open a pre-configured Sintel Form, or to any URL link you want to re-direct the user to.
  2. To add a link to your summary card all you need to do is:
  • Switch on ‘enable link
  • Paste the URL of your choice into the URL bar.
  • Choose whether clicking the link opens a new tab or redirects users from your current page on the dashboard

Adding a clickable link to your Summary Card

Step 5 Assign the Data
  1. From the properties pane, you can select Assign Data.
  2. Here you can select your Data Source. If you are trying to select a data source, but there are no options to select, check out this article which shows you how to define a data source.

    Assign the Data


Once you have added your summary card component and assigned data to it, make sure you save your work.

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