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Error when attempting to view data in a data source

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When you attempt to view data in a Sintel BI Data Source you have created you receive an error similar to the one shown below.

List View Lookup Threshold Exceeded

List View Lookup Threshold Exceeded



In this case, the issue was caused by a large number of Lookup fields in the list used by the data source. SharePoint has a limitation whereby you can’t have more than 12 lookup columns in a list view and this also applies to Sintel BI data sources.


To overcome this issue you simply need to reduce the number of visible lookup columns in the Sintel BI data source by clicking on the eye icon to hide them (Lookup columns are indicated by an Asterix symbol). Within SharePoint the following column types are considered lookups:

  1. Lookup columns
  2. Managed metadata (single and multi-value)
  3. People and group (single and multi-value)
  4. Workflow status columns
  5. Created by (People and group)
  6. Modified by (People and group)
List View Lookup Threshold Resolved

List View Lookup Threshold Resolved

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