This has been in the works for some time but we are delighted to announce that we are offering our products for free to schools!

Our products enable schools to create forms and apps on Microsoft 365 which reduces their dependence on paper. They facilitate better collaboration between staff and students and enables things like the collection of electronic signatures from parents and guardians.

Who are Sintel

An Irish owned company providing apps and services for SharePoint and Microsoft 365. We are a team of like-minded people who love what we do.

What we are offering

We have two main products (Sintel Forms and Sintel BI) that you can use to build forms & apps on Microsoft 365. These products are now available to schools in Ireland for free.

Why we are offering it

Because we can! It costs us nothing to give our software away and we simply want to take the opportunity to give back and help out the education sector.

Use our products for

Enrollment Forms, Consent Forms, Subject Choice Forms, School Trip Signup Forms, Book Rental Forms, Incident Forms, Absence Forms, Parent Declaration Forms, Budget Submission Forms, Purchase Approval Forms etc…

Try out our free return to educational facility form which was designed for parents and guardians and includes electronic signatures. It can be submitted from any device (pc, tablet or smartphone)

Join schools such as Sixmilebrige NS in Clare, Coláiste Nano Nagle in Limerick and Gaelcholáiste Mhuire A.G. in Cork who are using our software for free. They are replacing paper and collecting signatures electronically from parents and guardians.

Ok so what next?

Contact your local IT Service provider and get them to email us or give us a call on +353 (0) 21 234 8817.

The reason that we ask for your IT Service Provider to do this is that they generally manage your Microsoft 365 environment and are responsible for adding new users, managing sites, and most importantly adding apps!

If you have this level of access yourself then by all means give us a shout (email preferred) and we will be happy to help.


So you may have a few questions, no problem.

What exactly is being offered?

We are offering two of our products (Sintel Forms and Sintel BI) to schools for free. Irish schools can use these products to build forms, dashboards & apps on Microsoft 365.

Who can avail of this?

All primary and post-primary Schools that use Microsoft 365 regardless of whether they manage their Microsoft 365 tenant themselves or if it’s managed by a local IT Service Provider.

Do I need anything to use these products?

The only thing you need to use our products is a subscription for Microsoft 365. Our products are add-ins for Microsoft 365 so you must have access to Microsoft 365 in order to use them.

We’ve got Microsoft Forms, why would we use Sintel Forms?

You could use Microsoft Forms but it’s only useful for quizzes and surveys. It lacks a host of features such as electronic signatures, ink signatures, workflow and a whole host of other items.

Can forms be submitted by anyone?

Yes, Sintel Forms permits any user to submit a form without requiring access to your Microsoft 365 tenant. This permits schools to receive signed forms from parents or guardians.

How secure is Sintel Forms?

Very secure, we utilise SSL so all data is encrypted. All the data from forms that are submitted is stored in SharePoint lists within your Microsoft 365 tenant. Sintel do not have any access to your data.

Do Sintel provide support?

Yes, however as we are providing our software for free we ask that you contact your local IT Services Provider first. If they are unable to assist you then they can escalate any queries to us.

Can Sintel assist me in building other forms?

Yes, however we ask that you first engage with your existing IT Services Provider. We are always happy to help but it’s best to route your queries to them first.

We have a local IT Provider, can we still use Sintel Forms?

Absolutely, in fact this the ideal scenario. If you have an IT Services Provider that you would like to engage to build forms for you then get them to contact us. We already have a number of partners worldwide that have signed up to deliver forms and we need more.

How long is the product free for?

Sintel Forms is free for primary and post-primary schools, it’s that simple!