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Sintel Forms v1.44

Welcome to the December 2023 release of Sintel Forms.

New Design
We’re thrilled to unveil our enhanced design. Key highlights include:
– Sections with rounded borders,
– The capability to merge sections,
– The introduction of transparent section backgrounds.

You can delve into all the exciting new design features. For existing forms, a hint will be displayed in the designer prompting you to switch to the new design.

New Feature Hint
– In both the Designer and Viewer, you can explore the latest features by clicking on the bell icon.

– Upgraded user interface for a more intuitive experience.

Conversations (Bug Fix)
– Eliminated the ability to post multiple messages simultaneously.

setErrorMessage() API method
– Refined method to support error setting from asynchronous calls.

Workflow Action Icons
– Introduced the capability to assign unique icons to actions.

Date Field Enhancements
– Improved functionality and user experience.

Visual Form Validation Improvements
– Enhanced visual cues for form validation.

Number/Currency Field (Bug Fix)
– Rectified an issue with setting the required flag.

Linked List (Bug Fix)
– Resolved an issue with Created/Modified date fields in linked lists.

Workflow Action
– Added a notification when the ‘Include external user’ flag is disabled.

UI (Bug Fix)
– Prevented the display of horizontal scroll when a field is in focus.

Designer in Workflow Screen (Bug Fix)
– Fixed app crashing occurring when the list view threshold is exceeded.

Import Issue (Bug Fix)
– Corrected a problem that prevented configuration import in certain cases.

Designer UI
– Enhanced topbar icons for a more streamlined look.


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