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Need a Construction Management Platform?

Working on the administrative side of a construction team means juggling a lot of different kinds of data every day.
Perhaps your construction team needs to track how a project is going in terms of its timeline and budget.
Or maybe you need the ability to create incident reports to track and manage incidents so you can improve safety on site.

Collecting and reviewing this data can quickly become a colossal
task. Sintels products help you to manage this work so you can keep up with the demands of your role without becoming overwhelmed.
The two products can be used individually or together: 

Sintel Forms allows you to create custom online forms that are responsive and easy to use.  

Sintel BI allows you to simplify tasks by creating drag & drop dashboards. This enables you to have all of the metrics you rely on in one convenient location.

Sintel Forms and Sintel BI allows you to create completely customisable forms and dashboards so the number of solutions is truly endless!  We have collected some of our use cases for construction companies, so if it’s something that interests you, keep reading ? 

1. Construction Project Monitoring Dashboard

Construction Project Monitoring Dashboard

This dashboard enables you to track construction projects by status, duration and budget.
The dashboards’ “Actual vs Planned Resource” chart details your team’s resource allocations and budget for your projects. This data allows leaders to ensure the team is on track to complete their work on time and on budget.
At a glance, you will know how much work is in progress, completed, and not started for your project, how your resource allocation looks and how much work is overdue.

2. Incident Management System

Incident Management System

The Incident Management system can enable you to report an incident using an online form that can be accessed on any device.
The data from these forms can then be are shown on a dashboard which gives organisations an instant overview of their vulnerabilities and the status of any incidents.
The system is intuitive and completely customisable which encourages user participation and ensures that nothing is forgotten.  

3. Construction Quality Management Dashboard

Construction Quality Management

The Construction Quality Management dashboard gives you a  quick and easy visual reference for reviewing crucial information. For example, at a glance, viewers can see the percentage of site inspections passed along with the number of safety meetings held. You can see what kind of defects are cropping up for your team by project and type. The dashboard also includes client feedback for review.

4. Permit to Work Form and Tracking System

Permit to Work Form and Tracking System

This form can be used to gather work permits. It captures all the details of the work to be carried out, the identified hazards, the PPE required and the safety procedures to be followed. It has a preconfigured Layout and you can add Workflow to notify the various interested parties or Logic as you require. You can download a preconfigured Permit to Work Form template here.
The dashboard can be used to give you an overview of all of the permits, when they were submitted and what equipment and PPE that has been checked out.

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