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How to Gather & Analyse Patient Feedback

In every industry, client feedback is considered more and more valuable. Gathering feedback from the people your business deals with each day allows you to assess what you do and how you do it.

Patient feedback in a medical setting is no different. Anyone who works in a medical setting understands the vulnerable position a patient is in. They do their best to provide the best care possible as well as hoping that the experience in their clinics/hospital is a positive one.

The use of a feedback form is an efficient method to gather information on the patients’ overall experience. This information will help you to know what you are doing well as well as potential areas for improvement.

In this post I will be discussing: 

#1 Why Patient Feedback is Important

#2 How to Gather Patient Feedback 

#3 How to Analyse the Feedback you Gather


Why is Patient Feedback Important?

There is no doubt that patient well-being is extremely important and highly prioritised by medical staff. However, without understanding the patients experience it can be hard to see how it may be improved. 

Capturing patient feedback about wait times, quality of care, bedside manner, and communication skills will help identify gaps in care and move towards improving the patient’s overall experience.

Giving patients this opportunity to give feedback makes your care more personalised. Gathering feedback and responding to it ensures that your patients feel valued and therefore more engaged. If they feel valued in this way they are more likely to feel a loyalty to your clinic or hospital. 

By carefully analysing feedback it becomes easy to identify the area that may need focus.

With Sintel you can build a customisable Patient Feedback platform that includes: a Patient Feedback Form built with Sintel Forms and a Patient Feedback dashboard built with Sintel BI.

How to gather Patient Feedback

The simplest way of gathering specific patient feedback is through a survey or a feedback form.

A patient feedback form is an important element in any hospital or medical centre. It contains information that can help to improve both the overall performance of the hospital and the experience of the patients.

With Sintel Forms you can build a customised form like this one:

Some of the benefits of building your feedback form on Sintel Forms are:

  • It can be automatically emailed to your patients after they have been in your care and they can fill it out on any device.
  • Creating the form is no/low code.
  • The theme and styling are completely customisable, so it is easy to create your form within the brand guidelines.
  • It has a built-in workflow so no additional tools are required to build real-world workflows.
  • If you wish you can connect the data from the Feedback Form to our second product, Sintel BI to create a Patient Feedback Analysis Dashboard.

How to analyse the Feedback

Sintel BIs customisable patient feedback analysis dashboard makes it really simple to study patterns and trends and to see how common certain experiences are. This feedback will show if a problem is occurring more or less frequently and it shows what kinds of people are most likely to experience the issue.  Gathering this information means you will have an insight into patient satisfaction. Further, it allows the hospital’s leadership to identify areas for improvement.

IT provides a detailed breakdown of patients’ satisfaction with various hospital/clinic departments. With this dashboard, we can answer the following questions:

  • How long were the patient’s visits?
  • How long was the wait time to see their doctor?
  • Were the patients satisfied with their visit?


You also have the ability to filter the data with “Department” and “Date” filters. This allows you to view data from any time period with the combination of your relevant department. This makes it easier for you to analyse trends in a particular department over a select period of time.

Having all of this data on a single dashboard gives your staff a quick visual reference for how patient feedback is overall and it also allows them to focus their analyses on more specific subsets of information.

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