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4 Reasons To Join A Partner Program

We have all heard of the saying two heads are better than one and many hands make for light work. Well, I for one believe in these sayings, having spent 20 years in business I know first hand doing it on your own is not a path to success. Coming together and sharing strengths to support your growth is the road most travelled by companies across the world. The examples are endless. In the world of motorsport, we have seen the success of Red Bull Racing, who don’t make engines so partnered up and have secured 4 constructors championships and again Red bull partnering with GoPro giving massive success. The largest collaboration success I can think of would be Coca Cola and McDonald’s having a strategic partnership has proven a global success beginning back in 1955. McDonald’s now are so important to Coca Cola they have a dedicated division within Coke. I could go on to give dozens of examples but my point is, why try to create something that already exists and can add value to what you already offer. Stay focused on what you do best, and look to add value through partnerships.

What to look for


Identify the gap in your business

Take steps to analyze your business and identify the gaps. Once you understand the gaps you can work towards a solution. This is when you look at partners. Take time when looking at partners make a list and shortlist. Ensure your requirements are clear and what you need from a partner is aligned with company goals and mission.

Working to achieve a common goal

This for me is one that is overlooked quite often. Your business has the vision and code on how it does business, a company that mirrors this is surely one you want. Remember to ask yourself what’s in this for them? The best collaborations happen when both parties feel the benefit and grow together.

Communication and shared information

When you collaborate in today’s world of information overload we can share data and market trends to again support and assist one another. Sharing is key and not being afraid to open up on the success and where it comes from.
Emphasis should be put on dedicating a resource to stay connected and build relationships and create a strong reliance and support structure cementing a successful outcome for all involved.

Shared Marketing Strategies

My last point on this is the strength of sharing strategies. When partner strategies are aligned then success is more likely and non-abrasive pulling in opposite directions. Don’t even entertain doing business with companies who do not share your strategy. Allowing both parties to be represented on websites increases exposure for traffic and opportunities to do business.
Be proud to partner and say it aloud who these partners are. If you cannot say it aloud then your partner is not for you. The selection process at the beginning will stop lots of headaches later in the day.
We in Sintel are always looking for new opportunities and partners who share out passion for technology and delivering the best apps and service to customers. If this sounds like you then check out our partner page to find out more.


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