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Sintel Forms v1.46

Welcome to the February 2024 release of Sintel Forms.

Lookup Query Optimization
– Performance for lookup queries has been increased.

Logic – Custom Button Visibility
– A new logic step, ‘Button – Change Visibility’, has been introduced, enabling the hiding of custom buttons.

API Enhancements – getFilteredListItems
– The `getFilteredListItems` method has been extended to support date fields.
– New operators (endswith, notequals, greaterthan, greaterthanorequal, lessthan, lessthanorequal) have been added, expanding the possibilities for filtering list items.

Conversations – Improvements
– Mentioning the author has been enhanced.
– The “Mention all” function now brings focus to the comment input.
– “Mention all” now includes users who have not yet been mentioned in the comment input.

Workflow Notifications Update
– The behavior of Workflow Notifications has been modified. Now, if an action is used to save a form and a notification for the destination status is configured, the notification for the initial status will be skipped. This change streamlines the notification process, reducing unnecessary alerts.

Number/Currency Field (Bug Fix)
– An issue where a blank field was displaying a value of 0 has been fixed.

View Mode / Print to PDF – Multiline Field (Bug Fix)
– A scroll feature has been added to the field in View Mode and all content is now displayed when printing to PDF.

Import Configuration with Unique Data (Bug Fix)
– An error message has been added to alert about overwriting unique data, indicating the problematic list and field.

Attachments Deletion (Bug Fix)
– A bug that resulted in the deletion of the wrong attachment has been fixed.


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