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Should my business use SharePoint?

Whether or not your business should use SharePoint will depend on your specific needs and use case. Some factors to consider are:

1. Your businesses collaboration needs:

SharePoint can be a smart choice if teamwork and document sharing are important aspects of your company’s operations. Together with a number of collaboration tools, SharePoint offers a central area to manage and save documents.

2. Does your business have the resources:

SharePoint implementation and upkeep can need a major time and resource commitment, both in terms of IT support and user training. If you own a car, you will have a trusted mechanic and a driving license. If you have a SharePoint environment you will need someone in IT (your mechanic) to have a detailed understanding of how everything works and how to set everything up. Your users (or drivers)  will also need training in how to effectively use and navigate SharePoint in order to get the best outcome.

If you decide to use SharePoint, it is important that you ensure your company has the time and resources to support this.

3. Your industries compliance requirements:

Depending on your sector, or the country in which you operate, you may have certain legal requirements and compliance procedures to follow. It can be easier to fulfil such criteria by using the compliance and security tools that are already incorporated into SharePoint.

4. SharePoints Scalability:

From small teams to massive corporations, SharePoint can be scaled to meet the demands of any size business. This makes it a good solution for a large proportion of businesses.

5. Do you have Integration requirements:

If you have integration requirements, SharePoint may be a good solution as it is easily linked with Office 365 and Teams. In fact, many of the services on Microsoft 365 use SharePoint behind the scenes, including Teams and OneDrive, so you may already be using SharePoint without realizing it.

It is also very easy to integrate SharePoint with a variety of excellent third-party applications, like Sintel Forms and Sintel BI.


Some potential benefits of using SharePoint are:

1. Customization

Sharepoint gives you a lot of flexibility, to design unique workflows, forms and lists. This makes it easy to adapt it to meet the demands of different businesses and teams.

2. Document management

SharePoint gives you a centralized place to manage and store documents. This facilitates team collaboration on projects and guarantees that everyone is using up-to-the-minute, accurate information.

3. Integration

Both Microsoft products like Teams and Office 365 as well as third-party apps like Sintel Forms and Sintel BI can be integrated with SharePoint.


4. Collaboration

Team sites, message boards, and calendars are just a few of the collaboration capabilities within SharePoint. These tools make working together more efficient for those working in a team environment.


All in all, SharePoint is an excellent tool for businesses with the need for a customisable, collaborative environment. On the other hand, SharePoint can be complex and may require a significant investment of time and resources to implement and maintain. Additionally, the user interface may not be as intuitive as other collaboration platforms, and some users may require training to use it effectively.

Ultimately, whether or not your business should use SharePoint will depend on your specific needs and priorities. It may be helpful to consult with an IT professional or SharePoint expert to determine whether SharePoint is a good fit for your business.


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