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Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form

As a part of the Public Health Risk Assessment (PHRA) which is undertaken in all educational facilities, a student who has been absent from school is required to return with a completed “Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form”

The HSE’s printable Parental Declaration Form.

The HSE has provided this form for education facilities.
It comes as a PDF and has to be printed, signed by the parent and returned to the school with the student after an absence.
At Sintel we thought this process could cause issues for some people:

  • Not everyone has access to a printer
  • Paper forms are easily misplaced
  • It could be difficult for staff in schools to chase up students for these forms.
  • Students returning without the form might not be able to return until the form is handed in.

It’s been a tough year for students, educational staff and parents so we wanted to help make things a little bit easier by creating an online version of this form.

Sintel Forms Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration App.

Our form is completely customisable.
It is very easy to add your school’s logo/ colours or have the form automatically pull in any details such as your principals’ name etc.
Completing the ‘Return to an Educational Facility’ process using Sintel Forms is easy.

#1 A parent fills out the form

#2 The school accepts or rejects the form

#3 Once accepted the student returns to school.


The form is responsive across all devices.

#1 A parent fills out the form

The parent can quickly and easily fill out their child’s details and sign the declaration on any device.
To access the form:

  • The school could e-mail a link to the form to parents whose child has been absent
  • The form can be added to your schools’ website and parents can access it there.

The school can accept or reject the form.

#2 The school Accepts or Rejects the form

The school or educational facilities staff can receive an e-mail notifying them that a new form has been submitted.
They can then choose to accept or reject the form.
If they choose to reject it, they will be asked to submit a comment stating the reason why.

#3 Once accepted the student can return to school.

Once the form is accepted the student can return to school.  There is no printing, no forgetting/losing forms, and no stress. 
The best part? Sintel Forms is free for up to two forms, therefore if your school would like to use it for their return to education form they can do so with absolutely no cost.

Try the form!


Download it for you own use

All you need to use the form is Microsoft 365. If you have any questions on how to import it or set it up, feel free to contact us at info@sintelforms.com.



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