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Have You Seen InfoPath-Alternative.com…You Should!

Say Goodbye To InfoPath in 3 Easy Steps

Goodbye InfoPath!

For years organisations across the globe have used InfoPath for capturing data from their users. InfoPath is quite a complex application and requires a significant amount of knowledge and experience to use correctly.

The need

Sintel identified a need to automate the process of moving off InfoPath to a more modern forms platform and initially we considered building our own migration tool. However after a bit of research we stumbled across another company Rencore who already had an awesome platform called Rencore Migration that can be used to analyse your SharePoint environment and identify all the InfoPath forms in use. This was a lightbulb moment for us in Sintel.

What we did

We reached out to Rencore and decided to write a plugin for their platform that would enable their customers to automatically convert InfoPath forms to Sintel Forms. Working with the Rencore team was a great experience and they were enthusiastic and super helpful. Within just a few weeks we completed the plugin and now customers have an easy way to migrate from InfoPath, see infopath-alternative.com

How it works

#1 Install and run the Rencore Migration tool

This identifies all the InfoPath forms used on your SharePoint farm that you can migrate.


#2 Download the form Template

The Migration Tool will auto-generate templates that can be imported into Sintel Forms.


#3 Import the template into your new site

Launch the Sintel Forms App in your new site and import the form template.


Useful Links

Disclaimer: While the solution we created with Rencore is very powerful it’s always worth considering whether forms should be modified or re-designed rather than simply migrated to a new platform. For example, InfoPath was not responsive whereas Sintel Forms is fully responsive so at the very least it may be worth updating the form layout to take advantage of this. We have migrated loads of InfoPath forms and have a wealth of experience in reviewing, updating or replacing old code and features. If you’ve got old forms and need to get them migrated to a more modern platform then give us a call or drop us an email info@sintelforms.com and we will be happy to discuss your needs.


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