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Doctors Clinic Management Dashboard

There is no doubt healthcare workers are faced with a massive variety of forms, reports and data which require constant filling out and monitoring.

At Sintel, we like to provide you guys with lots of examples of how and where Sintel Apps can be used to help you work efficiently in your industry. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be demonstrating to you all of the ways in which Sintel Forms and Sintel BI can be used in healthcare.

This weeks’ use case is in relation to this Doctors Clinic Management Dashboard. It provides medical practitioners and administrators with an overview of important staff and patient data. It is completely customizable with a drag and drop interface making it easy to change for your specific needs.


Doctors Clinic Management Dashboard

Some of the key features are:

  • The ability to filter the data by Doctor/Nurse and by Date. This is really helpful if you need to view specific pieces of data or would like to focus on data from a set period of time.
  • At a glance, you can see what the patient count is each week. You can see that it spikes at certain periods which may indicate certain bugs or cases of flu are present. Similarly, you can see where there may be a drop-off in the number of patients which may help you plan for the following year.
  • You can see on the patient feedback pie chart how many patients had an excellent, good, average or poor experience at your clinic. The data for the chart is provided by a Sintel patient feedback form.
  • There is a summary card on the dashboard which indicates to the user how many patients have been referred to the hospital this month as well as a doughnut chart that breaks down the patients by their gender.
  • The upcoming appointments section gives you details about all of the clinics’ appointments. It shows you which doctor will take the appointment, the date and time, the patient name and the status of the appointment i.e. Confirmed appointed, Completed appointment and Pending confirmation.

The idea behind this dashboard is to give healthcare staff the relevant information for the day-to-day running of their clinics at a glance. The customisable interface allows you to add the data and information that is specifically relevant to you or to your clinic so the possibilities are endless.

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